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Success surrounds you. Wealth surrounds you. Growth and prosperity surrounds you. You are an abundant magnet attracting all of your needs and desires. You are thriving and easily attract new opportunities. You are the Master you mindset.

Every day you practice the life you want to live. Create better habits and set your intentions to ensure the manifestation of a better future. Your next level of success awaits you! 

As you burn this candle you invite all of your desires into your heart, home, mind, soul, and life . You awaken all that you truly are! Everything you need is already inside of you don't wait for others to light your fire. You have your own matches. 

Repeat: With my thoughts, I create it. With my breath I assemble it. With my words, I manifest it. With my soul, I express it. With my life I live it.  

This candle has been created with love, intentions, and magic in Los Angeles Candles are lightly scented 

Read the intentions aloud everyday as it burns. Let the candle burn until it's finished! Do not blow it out and only Snuff it if you have to.