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Burn this candle to take your power back from anything that may be weighing you down or holding you back from being your best highest self. Saying FUCK OFF is empowering and liberating! FUCK OFF is a true milestone in your growth. You are releasing every negative thought, limitation, and anything that doesn’t make you feel great about yourself. You release all that isn't in alignment to take you to the next level. Give FUCK OFF a positive meaning and welcome all of the amazing things that await you!

As you burn this candle you invite all of your desires into your heart, home, mind, soul, and life .You awaken all that you truly are! Everything you need is already inside of you don't wait for others to light your fire. You have your own matches. 

Repeat: With my thoughts, I create it. With my breath I assemble it. With my words, I manifest it. With my soul, I express it. With my life I live it.  

This candle has been created with love, intentions, and magic in Los Angeles Candles are lightly scented 

Read the intentions aloud everyday as it burns. Let the candle burn until it's finished! Do not blow it out and only Snuff it if you have to.